Manage globally, act jointly. Now is the time to implement a smart management solution, centralising and leveraging your business and sales data to secure amazing results.

Uniting analytics, automation, mobility and artificial intelligence is now possible for the entire company. Take action through the no-code/low-code platform and discover the predictive capabilities built into Dynamics 365.

Running companies today means collaborating. Enjoy the Office you know and love to securely grow your company in the cloud with amazing solutions like Teams, streamlining teamwork from anywhere.

The solution for the automotive sector certified by Microsoft and integrated in Dynamics 365 F & SCM. Optimize the processes of contract management, production, delivery schedules, labeling, Just-in-Time, traceability and more.


Implementation and optimisation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions


EQM offers an extensive portfolio of business solutions for enhancing your company's competitiveness by optimising management, improving processes, increasing profitability and boosting resource productivity

The ideal solution if your company or group has complex manufacturing and production processes.

Maximum power and full functionality to optimise your company's management and processes.

Make reliable decisions with a one-stop view of your business' most critical data.

The solution that allows you to create, analyze, follow up and more functionality of a wide catalog of EDI messages.

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