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At EQM we work with the best tools and the best equipment to harness your company's performance, as well as having expert analysts and programmers on various platforms to provide you with the best customisation and optimisation solutions.


ERP/CRM Implementation

Implementing an ERP/CRM system is often a major worry for a company. Implementing an ERP/CRM system inevitably involves an unnerving phase for companies during which they define new procedures and tools to replace others that they have been using for years.

Any implementation affects not only a company's procedures but also its employees and their working methods, documents, organisation, and everyday tools. This is why we shouldn't only focus on a company's theoretical and practical procedures, but also on the various user profiles that will affected by the changes. Not all corporate users are open to change. Successful implementation partly depends on users' ability to adapt. This is why we must take into account what users think. At EQM, we leverage your resources to ensure successful implementation.

It's not just about choosing the best tool, but also about having the best team to implement it. Putting the best tool on the market in the hands of inexperienced consultants is a recipe for disaster.


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ERP/CRM Optimisation

Not all consultants are able to provide solutions that fall outside or within the product standard (whether ERP, CRM, BI, etc.). EQM's expert analysts and programmers on various platforms not only offer customisation and optimisation solutions within the same application but can also complement an application with external solutions.

What's more, when making these customisations we always seek out the best solution in terms of cost and present or future compliance requirements.



EQM offers an extensive portfolio of business solutions to enhance your company's competitiveness by optimising management, improving processes, increasing profitability, and boosting resource productivity.

Power BI

Make reliable decisions with a one-stop view of the most critical data of your business, anywhere and on any device.


Microsoft 365/Office 365

Get more productivity from your team by combining applications like Excel and Outlook with a cloud server like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.



We create, manage, and implement applications, software, and services through a global network of data centres managed by Microsoft.


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