Infor LN

EQM offers Infor LN, an advanced and easy-to-use business management (ERP) solution that encompasses multiple business functions to respond to the needs of manufacturers whose production is based on customised projects in the machinery and industrial equipment, high-tech electronic systems, commercial aviation and shipbuilding industries.

Infor LN | Main Features

Infor LN is an open, scalable, multilingual platform applicable to multiple production plants, and which increases the visibility of information to enhance business decision-making processes. The main production and planning functions of Infor LN are perfect for businesses whose production is based on custom orders. There are also production and planning functions based on a scalable, multilingual, open platform, whose operations are compatible with all departments, including financial ones.


This solution is based on the Infor Open SOA service-oriented architecture, which follows the company's 'expand, improve, develop' strategy for all its products. This means ensuring continued investment in its business solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges and needs of its customers.


Infor LN | Full Functionality

Infor LN is a fully built-in solution with flexible global functions for all departments of a company (for example finance, warehouse management, transport and customer service). Companies using Infor LN cut both response time and the total cost of ownership of their technology.


Infor Planning

Advanced planning for standard products, special products (Project) and configurable products

Infor Distribution

Purchases, sales, prices and discounts, statistics, EDI

Infor WM

Advanced warehouse management

Infor Manufacturing

Manufacture to order, to stock, under project, assembly to order, whether repeat and/or hybrid

Infor Project

Planning, control, invoicing and analytics

Infor Service

After-sales service and maintenance management

Infor Finance

Customers / suppliers, general accounting, analytics, budgeting, fixed assets, cash

Infor DEM

Dynamic Enterprise Modeling. Solution for business process modelling allowing for quick and efficient implementation of products in the Infor family

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