Ebook digital bussines transformation

eBook Digital Transformation

The first revolution helped humans to mechanise production with the power of steam, the second was made possible by the use of electricity and brought with it the era of mass production. The third revolution made use of electronics and information technology.

The sheer speed of current developments and the exponential pace of disruptive innovation are now marking the advent of a fourth industrial revolution characterised by unprecedented power for processing, storage, access to knowledge, and the blurring of barriers between physical, digital and biological spaces.

Capitalising on this phenomenon is the key to innovation and growth. From the emergence of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ever-growing mountains of data, augmented reality, and the next frontiers. The challenge for business leaders is to harness the disruptive force of technology to boost efficiency and forge out their fate.

Naturally, this comes as the expectations of a changing workforce are explored, ever-evolving cybersecurity threats are tackled, and scores of other challenges are being managed.

In response, companies are in the midst of a digital transformation that is creating opportunities, but also increasing the pressure to innovate. Even though many companies are touting the 'why' of digital transformation, they're embarking on the 'how'. How do we transform ourselves for success in the future while running a business today?

This report is about knowledge, examples, and answers on how to foster an imminently digital business.

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