Strategic and Operational Challenges in the Automotive Industry

The business world is facing a digital transformation and the automotive industry is no exception.

According to Gartner, more than half of companies will go digital by the end of 2016, a percentage that will increase to 83% by 2019. The advancement of the digital economy is revolutionising companies in the automotive industry. The ever-increasing power of technology is an opportunity for our companies to innovate, reinvent themselves, and even start over in order to be successful in this new world.

Mobility, cloud computing, and the reinvention of productivity and business processes are three key areas of innovation to achieve this called-for transformation, which many companies in our country are already embarking upon. More than 30% of companies consider the cloud as one of their top three priorities for 2016 and most want to implement or expand their cloud solutions in the next twelve months. It goes without saying that the technology industry is playing a key role in this process of change and transformation, as it's the ideal choice for companies on their journey to digitisation... and for harnessing the opportunities offered by technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), or cloud computing.

Given this scenario, it's a priority to drive innovation and choose technology to carry out a true digital transformation as a key step towards being competitive and influential... and the automotive industry is no exception.

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