EQM offers SAP Business Suite, a set of business management solutions for optimizing various aspects of your company’s systems such as sales, finance, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory and customer relations.

SAP | Key Features

SAP Business Suite offers the option of carrying specific business processes in your company or of  creating separate software modules that work with products from SAP or other suppliers. SAP is based on an integrated technology platform called NetWeaver. The suite can support operating systems, databases, applications, and hardware from almost any supplier.

Currently, SAP Business Suite provides support for Finance, Production, Procurement, Product Development, Marketing and Sales, Services, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology.

SAP | Full functionality

The SAP Business Suite comprises 5 modules: SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) and SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

It supports the essential functions of a company’s processes and operations. In turn, is is split into:

  • SAP ERP Finance: makes sure the company meets financial reporting standards, boosts cash flow and manage financial risks.
  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management: optimizes the selection process and employee motivation.
  • SAP ERP Operations: scuts costs, boosts revenues, maximizes profitability and improves customer care.

The areas covered by SAP ERP are: business analysis, financial and internal accounting, staff management, operations management, management of corporate and other services.

SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

The most important features of this module are to create and deliver products and optimize the development process of products and systems to speed market launch.

This module includes areas such as life cycle management of information, program and project management, collaboration throughout the process, quality management, full cycle management of assets, and environment, health and safety.

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Allows supply chain design, building and implementation. The most important features offered are that it: cuts the costs of product distribution; boosts sales revenues and cuts sales costs; improves customer service.

SAP SRM (supplier Relationship Management)

It offers features such as cost analysis, sourcing, operational contracts, orders, invoices and supplier management. It cuts the cost of purchasing materials, chooses the best suppliers and fosters collaboration between the company and small businesses.

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It interacts with all client-related issues, be they sales,  marketing or service ones. It not only carries out short-run operations (such as cutting costs) but also acquires long-term capabilities.

The CRM areas covered are: marketing, sales, service, analytical applications, home support applications, E-commerce, operation and management of customer service centers and channel management..

Its features are:

  • It supports all processes carried out with the client, such as delivery, billing and accounts receivable.
  • It provides customer knowledge across the enterprise.
  • It lets get some results immediately, while the guidelines set targets for the medium/long term.


At EQM, we offer a wide portfolio of business solutions for enhancing your company’s competitiveness by optimizing management, improving processes, boosting profitability and resource productivity.
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