Microsoft Dynamics CRM

EQM offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our enterprise management solution for managing customer relations(CRM) that boosts the productivity of sales and marketing effectiveness of your organization through social assessments, business intelligence and campaign management in the Cloud, locally or a hybrid combination.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Key Features

Managing customer relationships (CRM) allows you to cut costs and boost profitability by organizing and automating those business processes fostering satisfaction and customer loyalty in the fields of sales, marketing and customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM boosts profitability and control over all operations channels by automating marketing, customer service and the sales force.

EQM provides Apps and mobile CRM platforms that allow you to manage relations with customers on mobile devices, and tools that integrate social networking data and reports directly into your CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Full functionality

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is split into 4 modules: CRM Sales CRM Service, CRM Customer Service, CRM Marketing, and CRM Social

CRM Sales

Sell more. Sell better.

Your customers are more knowledgeable than ever and purchasing decisions are often taken even before you make the first contact. Your sales team must adapt to new customer trajectories, forge deeper relationships with customers and personalize all interactions.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM EQM helps you redesign sales in the light of new customer trajectories. The solution enables your sales force to manage business processes across devices, channels, locations and departments, which boosts productivity and leads to more effective sales and faster closure. Your sales team can concentrate on those activities with the greatest impact. Social team-based sales make every conversation with customers more relevant, valuable and productive. Real-time sales analysis provides better channel information, understanding and security.

CRM Customer service

Build customer loyalty. Reinforce agents. Stay agile.

All interactions are important for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Currently, over half of customers use the Internet to find answers to their questions. Customer Service agents have the know-how and the resources needed to answer customers’ questions and perform this task ever more effectively. More satisfied agents are twice as likely to reach the most important metrics of customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you gain customers for life through multi-channel service, increased productivity and flexible service models.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your company to provide a more effective, friendlier, attentive and personalized service to your customers,  who have questions and want the right answers in a hurry and through the channel of their choosing.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customer service agents draw on a seamless body of knowledge to deliver incredible user experiences in a multichannel context (web, social networks, chat, e-mail, mobile / telephone and social media).

CRM Marketing

Greater control. Greater efficacy

The world is changing and this affects collaboration within companies. Now, customers carry out 57 per cent of the buying cycle before reaching you. When the customer arrives, sellers should be there at all times, now more than ever.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows the company’s marketing team to plan, execute and measure campaigns in various channels from beginning to end so that they can put their marketing plans and measures into action. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to capture customers in a personalized way in different channels, create new sales channels and reveal the real impact of marketing investments, all in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows you to integrate planning, budgeting and monitoring on all channels, including e-mail, digital, social and other media to collaborate and manage all processes and work flows everyone in your company’s marketing department and even with external agencies, all from a single platform.

Social CRM

Everything under control, also in Social Networks

In a socially connected world, interaction with customers can happen at any time or place. Microsoft Social Engagement puts sales, marketing, customer service, and powerful social tools in the hands of your sales teams. This helps them stay in touch with existing and potential customers and partners in social media through Microsoft Dynamics CRM or a standalone application.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can see and respond to comments and opinions on your brand, products and services to find out customers really think about your company.

Social CRM is a tool that helps you to enter today’s social media age from both within and outside the company. Ranging from working more efficiently within your company to listening to what the market says by contacting existing and potential customers on their own terms, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your staff to deliver a wonderful user experience through social media.


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