At EQM, we work with the best tools and teams to optimize your company’s performance.

Implementing an ERP system is usually a major worry for a company. Implementing an ERP system always involves a traumatic phase for companies during which they draw up new procedures and tools to replace others they have  used for years.

An implementation affects not only a company’s procedures but also people and their working methods, documents, organization and everyday tools. That is why we must not only focus on a company’s theoretical and practical procedures but also on the various user profiles that will affected by the changes. Not all corporate users are receptive to change. Successful implementation thus partly depends on users’ ability to adapt. That is why we must take into account what users think. At EQM, we make the best of the client’s resources to ensure successful implementation.

It is not just about choosing the best tool but also about having the best team to implement it. Putting the best tool on the market n the hands of inexperienced consultants is a recipe for disaster.


Our business is structured to cover all client needs and to deliver a quality service. Our specialized resources and work methods allow us to offer high added value within tight time frames and at keen prices.

At EQM, we work with the best tools and teams to optimize your company's performance.


At EQM, we evaluate how the company works and reveal those weaknesses that need to be overcome or redefined.


At EQM, we offer you a support contract that gives you peace of mind when it comes to installing the solution.


At EQM we have top professionals who offer the best IT solutions in their fields of expertise.


EQM's expert analysts and programmers cover various platforms. This know-how is why we can offer the best customization and optimization solutions.


EQM undertakes customizations in ways that make subsequent migration to higher versions easier.


At EQM we impart courses and carry out certification work throughout the year to ensure that our consultants offer our customers cutting-edge training.


EQM's server farm has outstanding security features that ensure your data is safe.


At EQM, our secure, reliable solutions are invaluable for optimizing management of your enterprise. We can always count on the knowledge and commitment of a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in implementing these kinds of solutions.
EQM - EnterpriseQM
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Possibly the most technologically advanced ERP on the market. Ease of use and full functionality and flexibility for optimizing the management of your enterprise

EQM - EnterpriseQM
Office 365

A productivity solution that combines Microsoft Office with other communications and Cloud-based collaboration solutions such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office and Skype.

EQM - EnterpriseQM
Baan LN

The advanced, easy-to-use business management solution (ERP) that encompasses multiple business functions to meet the needs of manufacturers whose production is based on custom projects

EQM Tablet
EQM - EnterpriseQM
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The business management solution (ERP) to meet the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

EQM - EnterpriseQM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business solution that can control all your operations channels through the automation of marketing, customer service, and the sales force

EQM - EnterpriseQM
SAP Business Suite

Business management solutions that optimize various aspects of your enterprise such as Sales, Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Customer Relations and so on.


At EQM, we provide the best technological solutions on the market. Our team of professionals will understand your needs quickly and efficiently and come up with the optimal implementation. Some of the companies that have already placed their trust in EQM are …

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